5 Reasons Why eCommerce Should Be a Priority for Small Business Owners

More advantages, lower costs

Prati Kaufman
4 min readJul 22, 2022


Five years ago, eCommerce was a buzzword people threw at networking events to sound fancy. It was a newish trend that most entrepreneurs shrugged.

In fact, back in 2017, eCommerce sales accounted for about 10% of all retail sales worldwide. Today that percentage doubled and is expected to continue its growth year after year.

That being said, the ever-growing adoption is far from being enough to explain why eCommerce is the future. Below you’ll find five key factors why you should consider selling online as soon as possible.

Sell while you sleep

Shop owners turn off the lights and go home at some point. They need rest, food, and some quality time with family. We all do. But with an e-commerce store, you can make it convenient for your customers to buy all day, every day, even while at home, curled up with a good book and a hot cup of chamomile tea.

So if someone can’t make it to your physical location during your operating hours, they can visit your website and make their purchase. Even when you’re asleep, people will be buying your products.

In other words, eCommerce is an easy way to be available for your clientele around the clock.

It doesn’t cost much to build an eCommerce

Every physical store comes with a spectrum of costs that mainly involve rent, staff, cleaning services, and electricity bills. If you move your business online — or at least part — you drastically reduce these expenses.

Sure, you still have to pay for hosting your website and maintaining it. Also yes, you still need to invest in a storage facility and delivery services. But these costs are a fraction of what a physical store requires.

Besides, with so many plug-and-play eCommerce website options, almost all the skills required to run an eCommerce business can be learned. You don’t always have to pay specialists to get your online shop up and running.

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