Elevate Your Energy to Create a Life you Love

4 recommendations you can implement today

Prati Kaufman


Follow your inner guidance

When I tell people about my life, they often respond, “Oh, you are a risk taker!”

After all, I went to an English-speaking college without knowing how to speak the language. At 23, I moved to Dubai with $100 in my pocket and 15 days to find a job. I got married to my husband two months after meeting him. Another thing I did was quit my cubicle on the spot when I thought I didn’t want to die in a comfortable job with a comfortable salary.

But to me, these decisions didn’t feel crazy. They felt right. Only after I quit the corporate world did I understand why following my inner voice was the right thing to do.

After quitting my job, I stumbled on the Energy leadership Index assessment that is part of the IPEC Coaching School. I immediately took a personal loan and enrolled in the coaching program — you could say it was another “crazy” decision.

The founder of IPEC put 25 years of work into creating a unique energy assessment that breaks down human energy into seven levels and how they show up in our lives.

The principles I learned changed my life and became the foundation of everything I do today — both in business and in life.

Managing my own energy is how I built a business that grew 400% between 2020 and 2021. It’s also how I work on my own terms and spend my time however I want. Managing my energy is also how I built strong relationships from India to the US to France and many countries in between.

The idea is to elevate your energy levels and operate from a high vibration state.

What is the state of high vibration?

Living in higher vibration doesn’t mean we stop feeling negative emotions or pretend everything is hunky-dory every day. It’s more like an attitude that prioritizes growth and love.

In higher vibration, our outlook towards people and situations is about making the most of every experience. In other words, you learn from successes, failures, great friendships, horrible heartbreaks, stupid ideas, and genius ones.



Prati Kaufman

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