Free Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners

Three tips, zero budget, massive value

Prati Kaufman
4 min readAug 6, 2022


When small business owners start out, they often have a very tight marketing budget or no budget at all. That’s totally fine. What’s not fine is to skip marketing altogether under the excuse that you need money to market your business.

You can market your business without spending a dime. All you need are smart tactics combined with your specific knowledge.

In fact, in this article, I assume you are a subject matter expert in your chosen industry or you found an effective solution to an existing problem. That means you have the knowledge and expertise to help others.

Another assumption I’m making is that you spent time creating a one-page business plan. In other words, you already know your value proposition, your offers, and your target customers.

If you don’t, I highly recommend you start there. You can use the PDF below as a template to create your business plan.

Once you have your business plan ready, you can consider the following free marketing tactics to land the first paying client.

These are the same tactics I used at the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey. Four years later I grew my business into a six-figure marketing agency that includes a team of 10 women. I also get paid to do workshops and masterclasses.

The tactics I share in this article are really good to get you started. The idea is to gain a few paying clients. However, you will eventually need to invest in the right marketing tactics to go beyond surviving.

For instance, I spend over $10k in paid networking groups to keep growing my agency. I also have a team to manage my Instagram and Pinterest account and pay to attend some of the conferences and tradeshows where I can find my target audience. In addition, I invest in paid ads and hire experts (CPA, Bookkeeper, Payroll, Coaches, etc.) to help me run my business efficiently.



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